Bubble Covers

Here are some frequently asked questions about bubble covers:

Does it fit over the pool or does it float on the water?

It floats on the water.

How will I save by installing a bubble pool cover?

You will see a noticeable financial saving on water, which is most important, but you will also use less Chlorine/Salt and Electricity, plus the cover will raise the temperature of the water by at least 4- 6 degrees (lekker!)

How much will it reduce evaporation by?

95 – 98% depending on how often the pool is used.

How long will the pool cover last?

If cared for as per our guide, and your pool’s water is managed correctly, it can last up to 4 years. There is a 12 – 18-month warranty from different suppliers, but salt chlorinator pools are not included in this warranty as controlling chlorine levels is difficult.

How long does it take to install once I pay?

The covers that we supply depend very much on the factory’s workload, the weather, and stock availability, but can take from 9 – 16 working days.

Can I fit the cover myself DIY?

Yes, it will make it slightly cheaper and will come with a set of basic instructions for cutting and fitting. This is relatively easy, but we take no responsibility for skew cuts. DIY is the only option for pools not in CapeTown surrounds (Courier fees are not included in this quote).

Please note that we recommend that we attach the cover to the roll-up station as this is quite a “tricky” exercise. (Please subtract R400 from the quote if you are planning to install it yourself) in which case you will need to collect the cover from Maitland Ndebeni (please let us know which one you prefer)


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