RollerBench Rollup Station

RollerBench allows extra functionality from a Rollup Station. This innovative new design has been likened to the concept of a letterbox, making RollerBench our most compact manual Rollup Station yet, suited to all thermal covers. Favoured by gyms with lane covers and architects who wish to hide the workings of the Rollup Station, keeping the pool side neat and aesthetically pleasing.


  • Ease of use: aids with use of the cover.
  • Storage: because the unit ensures correct storage, the cover’s lifespan is extended.
  • Water savings: reduces the amount of water lost due to run off when removing a thermal cover.
  • Pool side bench: this innovative design effectively adds a handy bench seat and storage unit to the Rollup Station, creating a more aesthetically pleasing setting.


  • The RollerBench Rollup Station and its mechanisms sit under a durable fibreglass frame and are completely concealed.
  • Using a simple detachable winder (optional), the cover is rolled in through the front slit running along the length of the unit.
  • Leading Edge Ropes are use to roll the cover out and guide it over the pool.


Available in white, beige and charcoal.


RollerBench has a one year guarantee.






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