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Easy installation!

If you’re a pool owner with children or pets, you know how important it is to have a reliable safety cover. In this video, we’ll show you just how easy it is to install the best and most reliable safety cover for your loved ones.

With your Pool Cover purchase; you will get Our step-by-step video with instructions to guide you through the process, from measuring your pool to anchoring the cover in place. With our tips and tricks, you’ll be able to tension the cover properly and maintain it throughout the year, ensuring your pool stays clean and secure. Plus, our solid PVC cover is built to last, providing reliable protection year after year. You won’t find a better option for keeping your pool safe and secure for your children and pets.  So why wait? Watch this video now and see for yourself how easy it is to install. Order yours Now! Your loved ones will thank you for it!


Protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays while enjoying your pool time with the SWIM SHADY. This must-have accessory is perfect for anyone who wants to soak up the fun, not the sun!

The Swim-Shady™ is the FIRST EVER, easy-to-use apparatus that gives your pool cover a dual purpose by creating shade over your pool in the heat of the day, as well as protection from drowning when the pool needs to be secured and made safe. Swim Shady is suitable for pools 5x3m and smaller. * Only available for purchase in South Africa.

Measuring accurately

Taking accurate pool measurements is crucial when it comes to purchasing and installing a pool cover. This is because pool covers are designed to fit a specific pool shape and size, and an ill-fitting cover can not only be ineffective but also potentially dangerous. For instance, if a pool cover is too small for the pool, it may not provide enough coverage, leaving parts of the pool exposed and vulnerable to debris or accidents. Conversely, if a pool cover is too large, it may not be properly anchored, leading to potential safety hazards and damage to the cover. Additionally, accurate pool measurements ensure that the cover is properly tensioned, which helps to prevent sagging, pooling, and excess wear and tear. A properly tensioned cover not only looks better but also functions more effectively and efficiently, providing better protection for your pool and making it easier to use.


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