Leaf Catcher

The leaf catcher material is a 65% shade-cloth material available in light blue, light green or black… the higher the percentage, the more difficult to put on and take off the pool, as it doesn’t stretch as much.

The material is porous, so rainwater does not collect on top of the cover when it rains but it keeps smaller debris and leaves out. The porous nature of the material allows very little dust through, but this is easily taken care of by the pool cleaner. It also blocks most of the sunlight needed for algae growth. The shade cloth that is used for the leaf catcher is monofilament polyethylene strands. These strands are knitted into a material that is strong and hard-wearing. With a breaking strain in the region of 60kg, the material will not tear readily if pierced, due to the lockstitch used in the knitting process. Brass eyelets and stainless steel clips are used because of their durability.

Depending on the pool size, it is easy enough for a single person to clip and unclip.

Durability – 5 to 8 years depending on care given and it has a 3-year Warranty.

The Leaf Catcher reduces UV light exposure by 65% to the swimming pool reducing evaporation by more than half. It also reduces wind/airflow, which are all associated with water loss and evaporation.


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