Sol+Guard™ GeoBubble Cover

For pool owners wishing to increase their pool water temperature, the Sol+Guard™ GeoBubble heating cover is one of the most intelligent and affordable ways to generate free energy and transfer this heat to pool water. This eco-smart cover is top of its class when it comes to maximum solar gain and, of all covers in the range, Sol+Guard has the most dramatic effect on raising a pool’s water temperature.

Heating properties / solar gain: The Sol+Guard GeoBubble material transmits 80% of the sun’s energy in the visual and IR spectrum through the material to heat the water. Adds up to 8°C to water temperatures, allowing for longer swimming seasons and more enjoyable temperatures during the season.

Heat retention: the Sol+Guard GeoBubble cover also retains heat overnight and from any heating systems. On heated pools, it reduces the heat source consumption by up to 70%.

Reduces chemical input: reduces the costs associated with pool upkeep by 40%. Chlorine in the pool is also used more efficiently as it no longer dissipates in sunlight.

Save water: evaporation reduced by 98%+ with less top-ups required to maintain water levels. Great water savings, especially important for pools in water scarce areas.

Water hygiene: the pool is kept cleaner and relatively clear of debris, reducing the time spent on pool upkeep. Cleaner water also reduces chemical use.

Improved aesthetics: Sol+Guard GeoBubble Cover is clear (with blue tinge), it allows pool lights to shine through the cover at night.


Made from GeoBubble 500 micron polyethylene with UV inhibitors and ultraviolet absorbers, Sol+Guard is designed to withstand harsh climate conditions.


Sol+Guard GeoBubble is translucent with a light blue tinge.


The Sol+Guard GeoBubble carries a 3 year pro rata warranty but can be expected to last well beyond with correct care.


Download the Sol+Guard GeoBubble brochure here.

Please note that the GeoBubble range of covers are not child safety covers. 



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